Joy Barry
Joy Barry is an award-winning digital artist based in Tucson, Arizona and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Through photography and digital art, Joy captures the intricate beauty of nature and explores themes such as identity, belonging, purpose, and grief/loss. She leverages the power of technology to weave mesmerizing tapestries of color, texture, and emotion in her images. 
In addition to her artistry, Joy is a dedicated educator who shares her knowledge and passion for digital art with aspiring creators. Her teaching includes in-person and online workshops where she imparts not only technical skills but also a profound appreciation for the art of visual storytelling.
Joy actively contributes to the digital art community through collaborations, mentorship programs, and other initiatives that promote inclusivity and innovation. She is a Juried Member of the Cape Cod Art Center, a founding member of the National Association of Digital Artists, and a member of the Southern Arizona Arts Guild